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Vintage Instrument Straps is one wing of fine leather goods company Morgan + Wells; a family run business who've trained in the traditional crafts of leather working and saddlery.

We adore creating items that will wear gracefully and showcase the best of Yorkshire craftsmanship in this new era where quality counts. We love to team our modern designs with traditional techniques and treat every item individually with love and attention.

As we are both ukulele players and one of us set up a well-known ukulele collective; we just wanted comfortable, cool looking and (of course) leather straps that didn’t costs the earth. Non were to be found, so we started making our own! 


Using our leather working techniques, we started to recondition and reform vintage leather belts to make funky, great looking and long lasting “proper” leather ukulele and guitar straps....none of those sweaty plastic or fake leather ones for us!


All come ready to fit double button instruments, or you can use paracord to attach it at just one end and use your button at the other. Whatever floats your boat really.


As we use vintage belts no two straps are the same - just as no two musicians are the same. They all have that, "I've played for years look.”  Be unique, be different and support small businesses!

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