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This is a rather cool vintage style ukulele strap, reconditioned from a leather belt by a leather artisan in York. It's a one-off and no other strap will ever be like it again!


It's a really comfortable strap with a lived in feel, giving it that, "I've played for years" look. It would be perfect for a soprano or concert ukulele and is suitable for double button fittings.  You may fit a paracord or ribbon through one button hole to tie it around your instruments neck.


The strap itself is from a gorgeously patterned 1960’s German genuine leather belt and top of the range full grain waxy mahogany tanned leather. It's all hand cut and finished and will only get better with age.


It's a S/M sized strap.

Strap length:

Button hole to button hole 110cm

Strap width 3cm


Fitting it:

The strap requires a strap button to be fitted on the bottom bout of the instrument.  At the other end it can be attached to a strap button on the heel joint - or opt in for some paracord choose option below) to attach it to the headstock by tying the paracord underneath the uke strings around the headstock just beyond the nut.  

Please note that if you use a pickup button they are normally larger than a standard button so please email me beforehand to find out if this strap is suitable to be adjusted. 


Many “leather” straps found in large stores aren’t actually leather - so buy something handmade that will actually become an heirloom! 

Ukulele strap - Vintage Style For Concert or Soprano