The King is matte black (or natural tanned) and very tactile!  


It will easily fit 4-8 cards and some notes inside, eliminating the bulk of a standard wallet.  Want to fit more cards in it? Simple!  Just add more cards and the leather will 'breathe' to allow room for these over time.


It is all hand cut from vegetable tanned leather, meaning it's not tanned with nasty chemicals.  Hand stitched using traditional stitching methods it will take on a stunning patina and character as it gets used, especially the natural tanned wallet.  


Also available as a gift set with the Brenin coordinated keyring. 


  • The hand cut and hand stitched King comes in at 

    Width 102mm

    Height 65mm

    Thickness 5mm

    (all approximate)

    The veg tanned leather will age beautifully and develop a stunning patina over time.  Simply treat it every now and then with some Carnauba Creme and a massage.

    Leather sourced in Yorkshire.

    As with all Morgan + Wells products they are designed to get better with age - the more you use it, the better it will get.