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The new tough and stylish, hand-cut dog collar, made for seaside swims and forest adventures!  


If we don't have the size you need we can make to order - just send us your pooches collar size and we'll get your Morgan + Wells treat to your four-legged friend before you can say "walkies".


The full grain leather will age beautifully over time and had been paired with the solid brass hardware, it is made to last (no matter how many sea swims your hound goes for)! 


Simply treat it every now and then with some Carnauba Creme and a massage.



Neck size
  • The new Chien comes in at approximately


    Width 19mm

    Length (varies)

    Thickness 3.2-3.6mm (may vary slightly)


    The 8 - 9oz veg tan full grain leather has been hand cut with the edges burnished and waxed by hand.


    The solid brass hardware finishes the collar off with style. As with all Morgan + Wells products they are designed to get better with age - the more you use it, the better it will get.

  • The best way is to get a piece of string or a measuring tape, wrap it aorund your dogs neck where the collar normally sits and pinch the tape/string between your fingernails where it meets.  Hold it tightly and measure the length of tape/string against a ruler - this is the measurement you'll need to order your collar.  


    We size up our collars by measuring the distance between the end of the buckle and the middle hole punched into the collar.  


    If your string/tape measures 41cm then you'll need to order a collar with a neck size of 41cm.  You will have a bit of leeway with the sizes so you can alter slightly to suit.