The 'Brannen' belt loop with solid brass key ring loop & solid brass bridle hook is designed to be with you everyday on your Morgan + Wells journey.  Simply slip one onto your belt and your keys will be secure, leaving your pockets clutter free.



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  • The hand crafted 'Brannen' comes in at:


    33mm Width

    150mm Length
    22mm Thickness (including brass) / 7mm (not including brass)
    The loop takes up to an inch and a half belt

    (all approximate)


    The versatile nature of this full grain waxy leather, combined with the high quality of the finish makes it ideal for everyday use; a sure sign of a premium quality leather.


    It's a high quality mahogany waxed leather.  A solid brass bridle hook and D ring finishes off this belt loop.


    It will age beautifully over time, simply treat it every now and then with some Carnauba Creme and a massage.  


    Leather sourced in Yorkshire. 


    As with all Morgan + Wells products they are designed to get better with age - the more you use it, the better it will get.