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Have you heard about Pedddle?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Find local, creative markets near you and discover stallholders across the UK.

OK so the weather is warming up, people are starting to go out and they are looking for social events now that we can go out after these 2 hard years.

If you love a good market, and lets face it, who doesn't, then you'll love Pedddle!

Simply pop over to their website and you can search for creative markets in your area, or if you're on holiday why not check out what's happening locally.

If you're looking to shop online (and are fed up, like I am, that Etsy is letting mass produced tat in now!), then you can also scroll through the fabulous stores to pick up a handcrafted item from the hand selected shops. They all scream quality and gorgeousness! And when you find shops you like, simply click on it and add it to your very own favourites area so it's easy to find them again. Don't forget to give us a favourite too, (we're here wooohoo and then when we're off to market, or are taking part in a Pedddle event, you'll be the first to know. Tell all your friends - it's a new, totally exciting and we LOVE being part of it.

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