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Happy New Year!

So after a refreshing festive period we're back. A lovely family time was had at chez M+W's with all the family and then the cobwebs were certainly blown away (as was our breath at certain points) with a New Year celebrated on the beach at Bigbury-on-Sea. We've never tackled this massive drive before, let along with a baby but it was well worth it. The endless skies, (something we don't get in York with it being so flat), beach games, mermaid art and of course as little tipple or two for the big people!

We hope you've all had a wonderful break too and are ready to grasp 2022 with both hands.

I'm also going to pull my socks up a bit and try to get a few more blogs in this year, so if there's anything you'd like to read about leatherwork do drop me an email and I'll try to cover it.

Anyway Valentine's Day is around the corner and I've got a fab red crossbody bag to finish stitching and a few little trinkets to sew, so I better be off. Catch you all soon. Naomi x

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