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Morgan + Wells Chien dog collar

At Morgan + Wells our pooch pretty much inspired us to start making collars which were durable enough for sea swims (lots of), chewing (thankfully we've now past this phase!) and something beautiful and yet comfortable.  We offer bespoke collar design so your collar fits perfectly and suits your dog.  Below is a quick guide for measuring your dog to get the perfect size but if you're not sure please contact us for assistance. 


Here's our quick guide to finding the correct collar size.

If you already have a collar to hand please go to Guide 1.  

If you don't have a collar to hand please go to Guide 2.

Guide 1

You need to measure your existing buckle collar (not a clip collar) so lay it flat on table.  

measure from where the leather or fabric curls round the existing buckle to the most used hole.  
Please do not include the buckle in your measurement as they can all be different in length. .

The diagram shows us measuring to the middle hole on a collar, but you will need to measure to your normal hole to get the correct size.

How to measure a dog lead

Guide 2

Ideally you need to use a soft tape measure (or a piece of string to measure later).
Measure around the dog’s neck where the collar would sit.
Pull the measure tight until you get a relaxed/ your normal fit. 

Pinch the measure at the correct length, place on the table and record the distance.
The measurement between the two arrows will give you the dog’s neck size.

Measure a dog collar

To order

Please then choose the width of collar you'd like, from either 0.5 inches, 0.75 inches or 1 inches.

Choose your colour: black, red, brown or natural tan.

We always use solid brass hardware because of it's longevity, durability and rust resistance.  However we can also use nickel coated brass if this is your preference but the surface may eventually tarnish down to brass (it's just the nature of nickel).  Please let us know in advance if you'd prefer this option.

All of our collars are made from the finest bridle butt leather and are not made up of two layers of thinner leather sewn together like cheaper collars on the market.  As leather is an organic material there will be some (very) slight stretch in the hide but this is minimal when compared to faux leather collars.  


We can offer personalisation of your collar for an additional cost and we' d like to make you aware that for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns on collars.   

Once you have your details please email us and we can send you a quote to enable you to purchase the gift vouchers listed above.  

Happy measuring!

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