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Morgan + Wells 'Martha' cork purse

The Cork Martha purse is one of our best selling shapes of purse and you can understand why.  Designed for a few cards, a bit of cash and a lipstick, it's the perfect night out purse.


This purse features a sleek solid brass Sam Browne stud to keep your belongings secure but yet is simple to open and close.  


Used also for mini first aid kits, medical kits, holiday change purses and for all of those bits at the bottom of your handbag you can't do without!


Vegan friendly.

Cork Martha Purse

  • This Cork Martha purse is hand cut and stitched from the finest Portuguese sourced cork, coming in either in a gold fleck or rainbow fleck. 

    Width 130mm
    Height 90mm
    Thickness 10mm

    (all approximate)

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