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1 - Let's get Started!


Firstly, grab a brew and find somewhere quiet to get creating.  


It should take about a 60-90 minutes to complete your project from start to finish.  

1 - Do take a moment to wash your hands.  This is important as we need to make sure there's no grease, hand cream or cake mix coming to play whilst we're laying out the contents of your DIY box. 

2 - Choose a nice clean surface to lay everything out, (if it's your mother's best mahogany table it may be best to pop on a protective surface right now!) and make sure you've everything listed below.   

DIY Box contents: 


A practise leather piece

A vegetable tanned leather cut out

Natural thread

Two saddle stitching needles

A solid brass Sam Browne stud

Burnishing cloth

Sand paper

Leather finish

In addition a pair of scissors, a big thick hardback book, a lighter and a pair of pliers may come in useful but they're not essential.  Scissors are the most important thing you'll need to find.  


Now we're all set to stitch!

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